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Dr. Tristan Carter
stringyips AT
Research Keywords: obsidian, prehistory, Eastern Mediterranean, Mesopotamia
Research Project: Stelida Naxos Archaeological Project, Catalhoyuk, Gobekli Tepe, Mochlos inter alia
Locations: Naxos, Crete, Melos (Greece), Central, SE and Eastern Turkey

Dr. Helen Dawson
Freie Universität Berlin
helen.dawson AT
Research Keywords: island archaeology, sense of place, place-identification
Research Project: Of Water and Fire. History and dynamics of humans, islands and volcanoes in the central Mediterranean during prehistory
Location: Italy

Dr. Steven Ellis
Roman Archaeology
University of Cincinnati
steven.ellis AT
Research Keywords: retail spaces; urban waste management; Greek and Roman superstitions; Roman coins; site formation processes; urban and sacred infrastructure; movement in cities; social structures and their hierarchies, especially the urban sub-elites; the use of new technologies in archaeological fieldwork; and the Roman fish-salting industry.
Research Project: Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia
Locations: Pompeii for excavations, over 100 roman cities for urban field survey

Dr. Thomas P Leppard
Archaeology; Anthropology
Rutgers; Oregon thomas.leppard AT
Locations: Micronesia; Sardinia

Ms. Alba Mazza
Coastal landscape archaeology
University of Sydney
alba.mazza AT
Research Keywords: Sicily, coastal landscape, Lipari, SLC, palaeolandscape
Research Project: The ancient coastal landscape of Greek and Roman towns of Sicily
Location: Sicily-Italy, Mediterranean

Dr. Carrie Ann Murray
Brock University
cmurray AT
Research Keywords: Punic, Roman, Volcanic, Pantelleria, Cultural Interaction
Research Project: Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria
Location: Lago di Venere, Pantelleria, Sicily

Mr. Ian Randall
Brown University
ian_randall AT
Locations: Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, Sicily, Montserrat

Prof. Sebastiano Tusa Archaeology
Soprintendenza del Mare Regione Siciliana / Philipps Universitaet Marburg
sebtusa AT
Research Keywords: Prehistory, underwater archaeology,
Research Project: Mursia (Pantelleria), Sottomonastero (Lipari)
Locations: Sicily

Prof. Robert H. Tykot
Archaeology, Geochemistry
University of South Florida
rtykot AT
Research Keywords: obsidian, geochemistry and sourcing, trade and exchange Research Project: Mediterranean obsidian trade
Location: Mediterranean

Prof. Peter van Dommelen
Archaeology; Anthropology
Brown University
peter_van_dommelen AT
Research Keywords: Phoenician; Punic; Iron Age; Sardinia; rural; survey
Research Project: S’Urachi Project
Location: Sardinia

Mr. Clive Vella
Brown University
clivevella1 AT
Research Keywords: Archaeology, Prehistory
Research Project: Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria
Location: Malta, Italy, Pantelleria