VLAC Roundtable Discussion at the AIA 2016 in San Francisco

Thank you to everyone who participated in the informal roundtable discussion on volcanic landscape archaeology at the Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting in San Francisco. We had many archaeologists working at sites across the Mediterranean, confronting issues with volcanic landscapes and materials from different time periods and cultures. The roundtable was an initial step in building the community of scholars within VLAC; we are also in communication with scholars working outside of the Mediterranean.

We are building the Community pages of Scholars and Projects for this site. If you go to the ‘Community’ tab and drop down to ‘Scholars’ and ‘Projects’, this will take you to forms to include your details that can be directly submitted. These pages will go live in the near future.

Many thanks,

C.A. Murray

Pantelleria Project Update- Archaeological Institute of America 2016 Annual Meeting

Carrie Murray and Clive Vella will be presenting the results of the 2015 BUAPP Season at the AIA Annual Meeting in San Francisco– Session 1F on Thursday 7 January at 8:00 am in Plaza Room B, Lobby Level: “The Building Blocks of a Punic and Roman Community: Excavations at the Lago di Venere Site, Pantelleria”. Hope to see you there.

AIA Annual Meeting

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